We invite you to join ICESA’s Director, Sebastián Alfaro Fuscaldo, as he shares his insights on Sustainable Architecture at the University of Costa Rica. Drawing from his extensive experience and unique architectural perspective, Sebastián will delve into the vital role sustainable design plays in our world today. Follow this riveting discussion on AEDA’s Facebook and Instagram pages, becoming a part of the transformative conversation on sustainability. Sebastián’s lecture is the concluding event in a series of talks featuring renowned Costa Rican architects such as Professor Hernán Jiménez, Bruno Stagno, and Benjamin García Saxe. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the leading minds in the field

Poster for the Sustainable Architecture Lecture series featuring images of participating architects, including Sebastián Alfaro Fuscaldo, Hernán Jiménez, Bruno Stagno, and Benjamin García Saxe
Poster for our Sustainable Architecture Lecture series. Don’t miss the closing lecture by ICESA’s Sebastián Alfaro Fuscaldo